Digital Communication Asset

The opportunity that this particular historical moment is showing us is that it is possible to keep commercial relations active using digital tools to reassure employees and stakeholders with the continuity of dialogue and presence on the market.

Live streaming communication requires tools with specific responsive and styles characteristics . These are different from traditional off-line communication and / or trade fairs that enabled direct social contact.

Video Collection

Creation of a Capsule Collection to be used as an introduction to an e-mail, website or social media exchange and also in virtual meetings.

Digital Presentations

New tool-kits, new interactive digital presentations. Product, Brand, Corporate Identity.
Clear, simple, visible and effective contents interacting with the presence of the interlocutor.
Images and technical data are transformed into digital Company Presentations and Responsive catalogs.

Meeting Live & Styling

With the advice of our professionals we support companies in the preparation of the location, the shooting set and all necessary for greater quality during LIVE digital presentations of products and services in online meetings.

    • Which corner to choose in your office, at home, in the factory or laboratory
    • How to choose the best camera angle with the different devices: iPad, computers or smartphones
    • Which light to choose: light to choose: natural or artificial in relation to the colors and the decoration of the location
    • Which how to best prepare for the meeting: facial expression, dress & make-up

Digital CSR

Corporate social responsibility has become a strategic asset for a company’s business in all markets.

At this time, more than ever, it is important for companies to constantly communicate both internally and externally their willingness to take care of employees, the economy they are connected to and an attitude of how to deal with emergency through the strength of resilience and responsibility.

The experience of our professionals, gained over many years, has led us to carry out various CSR projects that allow us to support companies affronting current international themes.

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